The PBS Foundation (PBSF) is a not for profit foundation based out of the Cayman Islands. The mission of the Foundation is to spearhead research pertaining to proposer-builder separation (PBS) and to provide infrastructure support for those committed to the ethos underlying PBS. The PBSF will focus on issuing grants that can support a more independent and robust validator ecosystem underlying Ethereum.

The sole focus of the Foundation is issuing granting across the variety of topics pertaining to PBS. We have chosen a few general topics of interest to start and these are likely to evolve over time. Some initial areas of interest include:

The PBSF was initially dreamt up by Tina Zhen from Flashbots in a forum post shared in September 2023. From the beginning, it was clear that no single existing entity was well positioned to deploy such grants internally. From early conversations with validators, core devs, and long-standing researchers in the space, there was a lot of appetite for a coordinated research on these topics and so multiple individuals and organizations were brought together to help launch the Foundation.

The initial group of funders supporting the PBSF include:

The initial Review Committees include: